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    100% green technology

    A new generation
    of indoor ventilation!

    The Jundap device does not use additional energy
    (electricity, different fuels) in its operation.

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    ZERO carbon footprint!

    Ionized air
    Better health!

    Jundap air purification is based on the enrichment of air ions,
    which occurs when specially charged air flows meet.


Jundap is a cutting edge technology

Jundap is an ion-purified geothermal air treatment device designed to preheat fresh air entering buildings in cold weather and cool it in warm weather.
Jundap ion purification ensures the preservation of natural air humidity even after air purification and treatment.
Jundap is very suitable for rooms where stable temperature and humidity are important. With the Jundap device, it is possible to create sterile and bacteria-free air in the room.
Jundap is basically like an artificial photosynthesis device.

Active ions

Healing air

Pure natural



Suitable for all types of rooms

We use similar technology that occurs in the air near falling waterfalls in nature. The natural enrichment of single ions occurs during the exchange of ion charges, where when air currents with different charges meet, electrons are released, which are bound to the oxygen atom. In addition, the special feature of the system is the use of the earth’s negative potential and geothermal energy.

In buildings with special requirements, a special exhaust pipe with a fan is installed. This pipe can be used to remove processed, chemical, bad-smelling air from the building. An additional Jundap pipe is necessary in buildings where chemicals are processed or in warehouses where fruits and vegetables and other perishable foodstuffs are stored. Perfect for hospitals, laboratories, warehouses with special requirements and buildings requiring constant maintenance.


In crowded rooms, it is important that air ventilation is continuous. Jundap can ensure a stable natural air temperature and humidity level in very large public spaces. It is very suitable for airports, libraries, shopping centers, banks, etc.

Cleaning dust in rooms with a large cubic capacity is very laborious. Jundap's processed and ionized fresh air not only reduces dust particles in the air, but also has a healing nature, which reduces allergies and strengthens the immune system.


Jundap keeps you going and healthy

Ventilating rooms by opening and closing windows and doors does not guarantee these values in all seasons or continuously. In order for the air quality to always remain good, it is important to use forced ventilation devices. They allow the necessary supply of clean air (to ensure indoor air quality) and also air treatment in different ways, such as filtration (to remove possible pollutants from the outside air), heating, cooling and heat recovery. This way you save energy significantly. That is why Jundap ventilation devices are suitable for forced ventilation with heat recovery in buildings with zero energy consumption.


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