Jundap Ion cleaning in the indoor climate of industrial buildings

Jundap is an Ion Purification Geothermal Air Treatment Unit that uses geothermal energy to clean and treat air and at the same time uses ion technology to improve air quality.

Such a method is suitable, for example, for binding dust particles, allergens, smoke or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

April 24, 2021

Project in the Saaremaa meat industry

With the help of Jundap ion purification devices, it is possible to improve the indoor climate and air quality of industrial buildings. Our devices use the generation and distribution of negatively charged ions in the air to remove possible pollutants and unpleasant odors.

Also, the air charged with negative ions keeps the workers energetic and they don’t get tired so easily.

Especially sterile air is very important in medical institutions, food industries and warehouses where fresh fruits and vegetables are stored. With Jundap equipment, it is possible to reduce the content of harmful pathogens in the air to ensure a sterile room with the desired humidity, which is unsuitable for bacterial proliferation.


Jundap's Main Features for Industry

There have been scientific studies showing that negatively charged ions help reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood.


Using the Jundap device, it is possible to very precisely control the humidity concentration of the indoor climate, which is important for our health and also for the preservation of building structures.


Jundap also makes it possible to remove odor particles from the air. It helps reduce unpleasant odors such as smoke, pet or food odors. Well suited to warehouses and/or industrial buildings where perishable foodstuffs are stored and/or processed in bulk (open air).


Jundap ion purification devices can reduce the existence of mold and fungal spores in the indoor air. Mold spores are often positively charged, so they bind to negatively charged ions and prevent their spread. It reduces the concentration of mold and fungi and prevents their growth and reproduction.


People feel fresher and more energetic when they are in an airfone enriched with negatively charged ions. Such a climate increases our sense of well-being.

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